Behind the corridor of Achilles room, on the floor, a mosaic is featuring in a central medallion, a Medusa’s head . Its bristly hair of snakes, its highlighted eyes and its fascinating look cross as be able to petrify the geniuses of the evil … ring as a warning against the evil eye, more particularly against the envious person.
This very beautiful mosaic found in the tepidarium thermal baths of a Roman villa of Sousse could be considered as having a protective and preventive value.




On the opposite wall, is exposed a threshold featuring a fish in a circle; below, a hare haunch.

A pisciform phallus: the fertility is generally represented by organs male as this mosaic of Moknine shows it.

A pisciform phallus (or a fish phalliforme ejaculating), represented with feminine organs drawing two triangles, spacer the expression O CHARI meaning o delight



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