The Nilotic hall

On the mosaic of El-Alia dating the beginning of 2nd s seems to reign a confusion involving local scenes and imaginary stages, we see pygmies delivering fight to a hippopotamus. Today incomplete, the mosaic also showed a fight between pygmies and cranes on one side and against a crocodile of other one. Mosaics with nilotique theme suggest reports with the port of Alexandria

Next to it, there are four panels that were part of a single mosaic, featuring winged Cupids, each  handing a wreath to a seahorse.

Paysage égyptien

Landscape nilotique or sacro-idyllic landscape

On the ground, there is an incomplete mosaic who shows the twelve months represented by heads, each of which inside a circle, itself framed by a concave square. There also, large craters on stems, touching each two faces, one by the brim, the other by the stem. Besides, a large mosaic featuring is composed by birds and masks of a satyr and a Bacchante, contained in hexagons included in circles.

Salle à scènes nilotique

Hall with scenes Nilotic

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