The Tophet hall

At the Tophet hall, steles and funerary urns are exposed.The Tophet is an open air temple dedicated to the most popular god of Punic Africa, Baal Hammon to whom the most prominent faithful of the community did not hesitate to offer a burnt offering: one of their children. So, the tophet has for vocation the burial. It is a cemetery in six floors where we deposited urns containing rests calcined by children and by animals sacrificed for the most famous divine couple of Punic Africa, Baal-Hammon and Tanit. The procedure is well known: an urn filled with bones and with diverse objects, placed in a circular alveolus of around thirty centimetres in diameters bounded by stones and surmounted by a pebble, by a stele or by a cippe. When all the sacrificial area is completely populated with urns, and when there is no more room to accommodate it one more, we proceed to the backfillingof the group with the pressed down well ground separating the old level saturated by the area recently prepared for the future sacrifices. During the eight centuries of activities this operation occurred six times.


Le Tophet

The Tophet

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