The hall of Christian beliefs

The middle of the hall is devoted to Christian beliefs. A magnificent baptismal font found near Bkalta, ancient Thapsus, richly decorated with stone and glass tessera. It is decorated at the bottom of a swastika thrown by the alpha and by the omega. Above roamed birds (among which several birds of prey) are between misprints at the bottom of alveoli. On the upper edge represents the inscription reproducing the greeting of the angels to the shepherds:

[ Laced coffee in excelsis Deodorant] AND IN WAS IN HIDING PAX ( h ) OMINIBVS BONE / BOLVM [aunties l] AVDAMVS T: glory to god in the highest of heavens and peace on earth(ground) to the men(people) of willingness. We rent(praise) you (god).

L’espace consacré aux croyances chrétiennes

The space devoted to Christian beliefs


Besides, the mosaic of Theodule is representing a vase of which sticks out a palm trunk, carrying two bunches of dates, and two vines, whose windings occupy the entire field. At the top of the palm tree, in Greek character, the name of the owner or the mosaïste, Théodule ( Theodoulou).

On either side, two mosaics are depicting deers on the move and palm trees (6th c.).

Behind the baptismal font, on the wall, there is a collection of Christian tiles coming from ceilings or walls of a church and illustrated by with biblical character in a naïve style



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