The Achilles hall


Achilles gallery


We go now to the Achilles gallery. A statue of Diana / Artemis the Huntress which was probably decorating a small niche (Cella) in the temple of Apollo. Represented, as his brother Apollon, the right leg slightly folded up behind, the moved forward left leg, Diane/Artémis (15 Photo) appears on the alert, lends to hunt a prey.

The attributes of the goddess huntress are evoked by a seated dog which looks at her, a quiver behind the right shoulder and the laced boots which rise till the middle-calf and the upper edge of which contains an animal victim.

On the other side of the gallery, three statuettes. A hunting Cupid Being a statue of fountain, the plump child is represented based on a rock (17 Photo). Its attributes: the arc and the quiver with its lid, are also put on the rock. This statuette of love hunter dates sévérienne period.
A standing black child The boy shows himself standing, leaning on the left leg. Having a funeral connotation, he squeezes against his breast a recognizable dove thanks to three bundles of feathers resulting from his tail (16 Photo?).

Cut in a black marble, his eyes are overlaid with white marble in the center. This sculpture is an intermediate model between the idealized image of the head and the caricatural ugliness: the exaggeration is evoked by the proportions of the body, arm hails and big stomach, and by the sinuous attitude handled with a lot of affectation.

The distribution of this type of representation would go back to Hadrien’s princedom.

Another Love devoid of attributes and the head of which was got away from the saw finds place in this room also.

Enfant noir debout

Standing black child

The corridor, separating the gallery from the Medusa room houses one of the finest attractions of the museum which is a nice pavement, found neighborhood of Sousse, made appear the center the goddess Victory (Nikè in Greek) winged based at a table.

To the right, the goddess Platen machine helmeted (Athena), crossed legs and pressed on a lance; a shield in its feet. To the left, a man in the accused muscle structure half naked.

We think that it is Poseidon in spite of the absence of its attributes. The scene evokes a famous episode:

Athena and Poseidon quarrelling the ownership of Athens and the Attica. The votes of the gods decided in favour of Athena and it is to her that shoots Victory to announce it to her.

Above, an inscription of threshold throws a challenge to the envious person by shouting out him: ” Invide, Pale!

These magnificent monuments, which you told impossible to realize, were finished for the salute of our two Lords
Above, a mosaic is depicting the eye of the envious, caster of spells, attacked by snakes and fish,

A small space also contains three mosaics, probably thresholds, of prophylactic value. Apse mosaic is depicting a frontal view of a peacock making the wheel.

To the right, a basket full of grapes, being which are pecked by a partridge and a thrush.

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