Visitor’s Itinerary

Three rooms present in a semidarkness atmosphere, the funerary rituals of the Punic, Roman and Late Antiquity Christian times.

Le Tophet

The Tophet

The Punic room houses the famous collection of steles and urns found in the Tophet of Sousse, the ancient Adrim (Hadrumetum) , as well as  funerary objects coming from tombs excavated within the Qasba itself.







la salle romaine

The roman hall

In the Roman hall, a collection of pagan tombstones is displayed alongside a collection of clear terra-sigillata items discovered in Sousse and in the in peripheral sites, as well as terracotta figurines including the famous “Drunken woman figurine.







la salle chretienne

Christian room

The tour ends with the Christian room, which showcases a collection of mosaics, funerary reliefs and steles, excavated in the underground catacombs of Sousse, the most important of the ancient world, after those of Rome. In the middle of the room, lays the famous mensa mosaic (funeral table) of Hermes.





La Kasbah

The Kasbah

Outside the museum, the medieval fortress, a historic monument, offers to visitors recreation areas and panoramic views of the Medina.

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